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Managing people--employees, peers, clients, services recipients--through major transformations is not a skill taught in business schools.  Few top executives have deep experience in the 'art' of  manging complacent, confused or skeptical employees through a major change in their company's business model, changes in their respective roles or in learning the new skills they will need to develop to be successful in the New World.  Major transformations fail more often than they succeed.  The reasons for such failures are actually well understood and are often caused by behaviors rather than a flawed business strategy.

I have spent decades studying, experiencing, and helping companies to anticipate what land mines lie ahead in leading their people through change, how to prevent being tripped up by a long list of 'people issues', how to lead through uncertainty, and how to mitigate and rise to the challenge when roadblocks do occur.  I have found that few skilled and otherwise capable executives and leaders have great depth in this area.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further specifically how I can assist your company with this very important change in how you do business.

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Denise Cooper

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Denise Cooper Inc.



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