Case Study: High potential Vice President's career about to derail

Accusations of insensitivity, and even racist comments, were threatening a heretofore 'High Performing' Vice President's continued career success at a 100-year-old financial services company.  Her credible and well-respected subordinate's performance was also slipping, and the entire department was being negatively impacted by their new vice president's style.  

Hired privately by the HR department, Denise Cooper coach the subordinate directly and the Vice President indirectly to form a trust relationship originally graded by them as a "3" on a 1-10 scale, helped both understand their very different management styles, perspectives and cultural differences and create empathy between them.

Recently, both employees worked together to implement an important company ininitiave expanding the company's scope of influence from handling products and services relevant only to individual life events, to broadening the company's relationships across investment products to additional client groups.  Both the Vice President and the subordinate Director are in excellent standing with their employer today.

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