Case study: An Executive Director losing Board support

An international not-for-profit professional services teaching and mentoring organization expressed concerns over maintaining relevance in a changing industry, indecisive leadership by their Executive Director, and a real risk of losing their largely volunteer workforce during the resulting management turbulence.  


Denise Cooper was hired to help diagnose the specific pain points, recommend a way forward and coach the Executive Director to a stronger leadership skill set.  Denise evaluated the Executive Director and identified considerable weakness in giving actionable, clear direction designed to get performance results and in demonstrating a more action oriented management style overall.  In bi-weekly coaching sessions, Denise helped the Executive Director transition her "analysis paralysis and evasive behavior into decisive action, eventually resulting in the crafting of an overall plan and recommendation which was presented to the Executive Committee by the Executive Director.

The strategy and implementation plan was approved and Denise continued her work with the Executive Director to help her coach her staff to implement the plan with confidence.  The organization's Executive Committee rated the Executive Director's communication and leadership skills as a '9' from the original '3-4" and a strained relationship between the Executive Director and the Board Chair was repaired.

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